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Welcome to Chepelare
Rhodope Nook Chepelare
Winey house
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Entertainment area, spacious room equipped with kitchen, dining room with sofas and fireplace, 2 TV, karaoke, chess, backgammon and other games. Tavern - authentic interior and atmosphere, 30-35 beds, kitchen, TV, music system Barbecue opportunity to prepare barbecue, meals on grill upon request.

From ancient times the Rhodopes are mysterious and mysterious mountains. Mountain of the mythical Orpheus and Bessi - Guardians of the famous temple of Dionysus. Excavations show the existence of life from around the twelfth century BC. The remains of many Thracian fortresses say that here in ancient times is bubbling rich socio-cultural life. Thracian fortresses guarded the road from the town of Abdera (Aegean Sea) for Istros (Danube). Ore deposits in the region conducive to the development of metal and the jeweler's art from antiquity. Findings of the Thracian bronze fibula suggests that even in the 7-8 century BC. there was an outflow of manufacturing centers. The current territory of the Municipality of Chepelare found more than one third of all arc ednopruzhinni fibula. Ore mining continues to evolve after the conquest of the region by the Romans. This indirect information contained in the section on mines and those who work in them, the Law of Emperor Valentinian I (364-375 AD). And in the works of Roman poet Claudius (fourth century AD. ). Discovered during archaeological glassware, mugs, buckles, coins and ceramics from the late Roman period (379-450 AD.) Testify to the continuing intensive economic life. In 1911 excavations have found traces of a Roman bath, which for now is the only trace of urban development in the Central Rhodopes.

From the First and Second Bulgarian Empire (681-1393) The found numerous medieval castles, villages and cemeteries, some of which are still used since Thracian times.

During the Bulgarian Renaissance (1762-1878) In the town of Chepelare and the settlements around it boils lively cultural and educational activities, illustrated by the existing 14 temples and 72 chapels. Four churches have been declared as artistic monuments of national importance and one of the churches and 15 chapels are declared as cultural monuments of local importance. Each temple has existed and school.
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