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Rhodope Nook Chepelare

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Spa Center

Gym - equipped with treadmill, stationary bike, a combined instrument, vibrating equipment, dumbbells with stand

Steam Bath
Real pleasure for the senses. Known since ancient times with its softness and gentle effect on the body and self-confidence.

Sauna lowers blood pressure. Improves tone and vitality of the body. Improves the immune system. The sauna helps the body to sweat and thus through sweat toxins. Consequently there is a better function of the kidneys and liver. Relaxes the muscles, helping autonomic nervous system that controls muscle stretching, and also sweating, blood pressure and digestion. By heating the body to improve these functions. Suitable for cardiovascular relaxation.

The procedure is a special bath that has a form fitting body. Water has a high temperature, however you choose and adjust. From several directions underwater erupting hot water jets, which some models baths have the ability to rotate to change the shape of the jet and its intensity. In most tanks underwater jet air contains a certain percentage, which gives a unique relaxing gurgle.

Massages and therapies and healing aromatic oils - from $ 20 to 52lv.
Cosmetic procedures

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